Hourly Studio Rental - Medina, MN

Beautiful, spacious studio in Medina, Minnesota, available for rent by the hour.

Address: 122 Hamel Road, Medina, MN 55340



Our studio is approximately 450 sq ft, with hardwood floors, warm white walls, antique trim and baseboards, and a total of four windows facing south and west. Space includes a full kitchen and bathroom, access to our prop room, and main street client entrance with free parking. Half wall is movable on caster wheels, and furniture can be rearranged to suit your needs. A great space for photography, meetings, parties and workshops. Kitchen supplies and linens, tables, bedding, studio lights and access to backyard available upon request.


Tip: The best light in the studio is within 3-4 hours of sunrise.



1 Hour - $40

3 Hours - $100

8 Hours - $225

Minimum: 1 Hour



For the safety of your clients, and the protection of both your business and mine, a signed contract and Certificate of Liability are required to rent the studio for any length of time.

You are expected to clean up after yourself and place all furniture in its original place.