Why in the heck should I have my portrait taken?!?

Look, I know how hard it is to be in front of a camera. Why do you think I’ve made my career out of being behind it? I HATE having my picture taken. Like turn around, run away, or make a goofy face in desperation to avoid being photographed. Awkward AF and super weird, that’s me. I mean, love my bizzare self, but don’t really think that anyone else needs to see this mug.


Really, look at that. Is that inspiring? Heartwarming? No. Is that me? 100%

When I approach people to take their photo, the reaction is usually,”Oh…no. Why me? I don’t like being photographed.” Well, listen here, neither does anyone else. I’ve said this a few times, but in my experience, even models don’t like being photographed, their just better at it than we are. Annie Leibowitz is one of the most famous portrait photographers in the world and she thinks that is isn’t a photographer’s responsibility to make their subject comfortable. I’m going to go out on a limb and disagree here. I do this every day. My clients don’t. If I were trying something new or out of my comfort zone, I’d trust a professional to guide me through it. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll make this easy. We’re in this together, okay? Now tilt your chin this way and think about ice cream. Bam! Great portrait. That’s how I roll.


What is your visual history? Your media legacy? When you’re much older, what will you show people to brag about your good looks or how much fun you used to be? Is it going to be a grainy, out of focus photo from dinner at Applebee’s. I hope not. Maybe it will be as awesome as me and Darth here.

gianna's photography laugh.jpg

This is my latest professional photo session. Headshots for my website. Taken by an extremely talented photographer, in a carefully chosen orchard, a new dress, hair and makeup did. And this is my face. The face I make when I’m uncomfortable. There are much better photos from this session, but this is me. My point....well, what is my point? It's that I want you to enjoy having your photo taken. To enjoy looking through your photos. All of your photos. Be proud to show the goofy ones, the out of focus ones, and book your next portrait session to show off the artsy ones. I mean, as much as I want Darth Vader in my obituary, I hope that my visual legacy includes good lighting and a genuine expression (but maybe that’s just me).

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